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with ethics, honor and integrity.


  • Amberlee Burrows
    Amberlee Burrows Development Manager
  • Frank Caliendo
    Frank Caliendo Academic Director
  • Erica Darley
    Erica Darley HR Director
  • Blake Dursteler
    Blake Dursteler Executive Director
  • Megan Hansen
    Megan Hansen Research Director
  • Logan Hemmert
    Logan Hemmert Foundations Fundraising Manager
  • Brian Isom
    Brian Isom Research Manager
  • Brooke Jacques
    Brooke Jacques Graphic Design Manager
  • Parker Jeppesen
    Parker Jeppesen Communications Director
  • Madison Schmidt
    Madison Schmidt Academic and Student Programs Manager
  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith Research Manager
  • Bethany Spraggins
    Bethany Spraggins Salesforce Admin
  • Rebecca Stowers
    Rebecca Stowers Development Director
  • Samantha Wright
    Samantha Wright Chief Operations Officer