Tech_States: 2018

October 9, 2018 - Wells Fargo Center, 299 Main St, 19th Floor Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Salt Lake City, Utah
On October 9, 2018, the Center for Growth and Opportunity at Utah State University hosted its first-ever Tech_States policy summit, which brought together experts, industry leaders, scholars, and policymakers to discuss emerging issues in state-level technology policy.

The interactive seminar provided opportunities for attendees to work together, ask questions, make new contacts, and continue to build a network of professionals engaged in tech policy and scholarship. Of the more than 60 attendees, 37 national and state-level policy research groups were represented including the National Governors Association, the National Association of Manufacturers, Comcast Corporation, TechFreedom, R Street Institute, James Madison Institute, the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, the University of Missouri, the Niskanen Center, The Charles Koch Institute, The Foundation for Government Accountability and many others.

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes provided the keynote address, where he spoke about the intersection of federalism and technology policy.

Tech_States: 2018 Panels

Are we ready for the future of work?

• Annette Meeks, Founder and CEO of the Freedom Foundation of MinnesotaPanelists:
• Greg Ferenstein, Writer and Educator
• Samuel Hammond, Director of Poverty and Welfare Studies at the Niskanen Center
• Aaron Hedlund, Assistant Professor of Economics at The University of Missouri
• Timothy Blute, Director of NGA Future at the National Governors Association

What’s next for transportation innovation?

• Sal Nuzzo, Vice President of Policy and Director of the Center for Economic Prosperity at the James Madison Institute

• Ian Adams, Associate Vice President of State Affairs at R Street Institute
• Jennifer Huddleston Skees, Legal Research Associate, The Mercatus Center at George Mason University
• Ashkhen Kazaryan, Legal and Research Fellow at TechFreedom

Should states regulate data privacy?

• Jared Meyer, Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Government Accountability

• Berin Szoka, President and Founder of TechFreedom
• Neil Chilson, Senior Research Fellow for Technology and Innovation at The Charles Koch Institute

The next frontier for infrastructure?

• Daniel Mead Smith, President of Washington Policy Center

• Brent Skorup, Senior Research Fellow at The Mercatus Center at George Mason University
• Graham Owens, Legal Fellow at TechFreedom
• Tom Struble, Technology Policy Manager and Counsel at R Street Institute
• David Don, Vice President for Regulatory Policy at Comcast Corporation

Event Information

October 9, 2018 - Wells Fargo Center, 299 Main St, 19th Floor Salt Lake City, Utah 84111


The Center for Growth and Opportunity


Wells Fargo Center, 299 Main St, 19th Floor Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

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