Posted October 12, 2018 in Events

The Center for Growth and Opportunity and the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business welcomed Tom Willis, CEO of Conestoga Energy, to the Focused Fridays Leadership Forum Series on November 9.

Tom Willis is currently serving as the CEO/President of Conestoga Energy Holdings, LLC, whose primary business is the production and trading of renewable fuels. In addition to CEH, Tom is involved in several other diverse business ventures including farming, a trailer leasing and repair business, and a feed manufacturing company. Tom currently serves on the National Sorghum Producers Board of Directors, The Charles Koch Foundation’s Youth Entrepreneur Board, and the Seward County Hospital Board of Trustees. He is past Chairman of the Kansas Association of Ethanol Producers and past President of the Montana Grain and Feed Association. Tom Willis graduated with a Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Administration and Agricultural Economics from Utah State University.

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