Lucas RentschlerSenior Research Fellow / Director of Experimental Economics Program
    Lucas Rentschler
    Senior Research Fellow and Director of Experimental Economics Program

    Utah State University
    Jon M. Huntsman School of Business
    Economics and Finance Department

    Assistant Professor


    Lucas Rentschler is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics and Finance at Utah State University, the Director of the Experimental Economics Laboratory at Utah State University, and a Research Affiliate of the Economic Science Institute at Chapman University. Dr. Rentschler received his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University in 2010, and has taught at Universidad Francisco Marroquín and Utah State University

    • Ph.D.  Economics, Texas A&M University, 2010
    • BS English & Economics, Weber State University 2004
    Research Interests

    Rent Seeking/Contests Plea Bargaining Negotiations
    Cross-Cultural Variation In Social Norms Criminal Justice Reform
    Measuring Risk and Time Preferences

    Externally-Published Research

    An experiment on first-price common-value auctions with asymmetric information structures: The blessed winner

    This paper studies the effect of holding private information on bidding behavior in common-value auctions. Three environments are studied. In the first, no bidder has any private information. In the second, all bidders hold private information. Lastly, we allow one bidder to hold private information when the opposing bidder does not. Our experiments reveal that bidders who are informed overbid, while uninformed bidders tend to underbid.

    Selected Academic Publications

    Stag Hunt Contests and Alliance Formation (with James Boudreau and Shane Sanders)
    Public Choice, 2018

    Valuation Structure in Incomplete Information Contests: Experimental Evidence (with Diego Aycinena and Rimvydas Baltaduonis)
    Public Choice, 2018

    An Experiment on Asymmetric Information in First-Price Common-Value Auctions: The Blessed Winner (with Brit Grosskopf and Rajiv Sarin)
    Games and Economic Behavior, 2018

    Informed Entry in Auctions (with Diego Aycinena and Hernan Bejarano)
    International Journal of Game Theory, 2018

    Revenue in Auctions with Endogenous Participation and an Uncertain Number of Bidders: Experimental Evidence (with Diego Aycinena)
    Experimental Economics, 2017

    Two-bidder All-Pay Auctions with Interdependent Valuations, Including the Highly Competitive Case (with Theodore Turocy)
    Journal of Economic Theory, 2016

    Fraying of the Ties that Bind: Community-Level Financial Institutions and HIV/AIDS with Evidence from KwaZulu Natal, South Africa (with Benjamin Linkow)
    Journal of African Economies, 2016

    Valuation Structure in First-Price and Least-Revenue Auctions: An Experimental Investigation (with Diego Aycinena and Rimvydas Baltaduonis)
    Experimental Economics, 2014

    Lucas Rentschler
    Senior Research Fellow and Director of Experimental Economics Program