Posted October 1, 2018 in News

On September 5th, renowned businesswoman Amy Rees Anderson visited Utah State University to launch the Amy Rees Anderson Academic Entrepreneurs fellowship, a program for female business and economics students interested in pursuing graduate degrees and careers in entrepreneurship and academia.

At the inaugural meeting, which included the first cohort of Amy Rees Anderson Academic Entrepreneur fellows, Rees Anderson’s message focused on boldly pursuing and achieving personal goals.

With years of experience as CEO of MediConnect global and founder of her own investment firm, Rees Capital, she shared her can-do spirit and vision of meaningful impact to encourage the students. Over the next year, Rees Anderson will work directly with this cohort of students to develop and pursue their goals for careers and life.

Rees Anderson said she understands and has seen firsthand the unique challenges and opportunities that women face in business. She talked openly about the difficulties many professional women face of juggling their professional, personal, and family priorities.

In contrast to those whose advice assumes that the best path for all women is a high-performing career, Rees Anderson shared her experience of being a working single mother for much of her career. She counseled the students that it was possible to have both career and family, but cautioned to not expect perfection. Despite having a career that demanded an incredible amount of time and energy, she shared how the most worthwhile thing for her was to spend time with her family.

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