Posted June 4, 2018 In News

Dr. Keith Criddle, Ted Stevens Distinguished Professor of Marine Policy at University of Alaska Fairbanks, spent his Spring 2018 sabbatical with the Center for Growth and Opportunity at Utah State University. While there, he continued research on fisheries economics and had worked directly with CGO student research fellows.

“The CGO students have been very fun to interact with,” said Criddle. “They are bright, inquisitive, and unapologetically supportive of liberal market economics.”

Criddle is currently working on several projects involving fisheries governance and bioeconomic systems at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. During his visit, Criddle was one of the featured speakers for the CGO’s Economics of Property Rights and the Environment Seminar Series. His presentation was on durable entitlement and resilience in fishery social ecology.

“The goals of my sabbatical were to refresh my background in cost-benefit analysis and to explore similarities and differences between management of commercial fisheries and management of land-based renewable resources,” said Criddle. “CGO faculty have expertise complementary to mine, and discussions with them have been very helpful to my project.”

Criddle earned a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and economics at California State University Sacramento, after which he went on to University of California Davis, where he earned a master’s and PhD in agricultural economics. He enjoys many outdoor activities; some of his favorites are saltwater boating and outdoor fishing. He especially enjoys introducing people to life at sea.

Dr. Keith Criddle