Posted May 15, 2018 In News

Dr. Briggs Depew, assistant professor of economics and finance in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, led a week-long workshop on applied econometrics to participants of the Center for Growth and Opportuity’s student fellowship summer intern programs.

The workshop equips student researchers with applied econometric tools that help perform program evaluation. Program evaluations are used to estimate treatment effects from a change in a policy or economic environment. By exploring quasi-experimental econometric methods that are used in program evaluation — including Instrumental Variables, Difference-in-Difference, Regression Discontinuity Designs, Synthetic Control Methods, and Propensity Score Matching — students received intensive, hands-on instruction that provides them with additional tools for their policy research projects.

Josh Smith, a research manager at the CGO, who works directly with teams of student research fellows, said the workshop can help students become better researchers.

“Over the course of just a few days, students were able to receive a robust introduction to advanced public policy research techniques that will definitely serve them well as researchers,” said Smith. “To get the instruction from a talented and thorough econometrician like Dr. Depew, makes it all the more valuable for them.”

Dr. Briggs Depew leads discussion during the workshop.