Research In Focus

Does Occupational Licensing Impact Access to Dental Care?

This paper explores the academic literature on occupational licensing to understand whether licensing laws are contributing to this shortage

Does Expanding Highway Capacity Solve Urban Congestion Problems?

This Research in Focus explains why highway expansion has, at best, only a limited impact on congestion.

What Should be Included in a State’s Sales Tax Base?

Tax policy researchers across the political spectrum agree that narrow, targeted policies (such as tax credits) are usually a better way to address the regressive nature of the tax than blanket exemptions.

What Is the Relationship between Renewable Portfolio Standards and Electricity Prices?

This research examines the effects of renewable portfolio standards (RPS) on electricity prices.

How Does Occupational Licensing Affect U.S. Consumers and Workers?

This paper examines the existing research on the effects of occupational licensing and concludes with a discussion of possible reforms.

How Do Refugees Impact Labor Markets in the United States?

This paper summarizes the academic research on the impact of refugees on labor markets in the United States.