by Megan E. Hansen, Research Director
Posted February 7, 2019 In Scholar Commentary

Much has been written about the growth of the gig economy, and many have tried to estimate just how fast it’s growing. In 2016, economists Lawrence Katz and Alan Krueger released research showing that the percentage of the American workforce made up of alternative work arrangements had grown by more than 50 percent. Katz and Krueger found that from 2005 to 2015, the percentage of workers engaged as “temporary help agency workers, on-call workers, contract workers, and independent contractors or freelancers” rose from 10.1 to 15.8 percent. Other studies have found that there has been significant growth in gig work since 2000 (measured by 1099-MISC forms issued by the IRS) versus traditional work arrangements (W-2 forms) over the same period.

The data seem to suggest that we are experiencing a massive shift in how people are working. Maybe…

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