CGO Student Fellow Modules

Learning By Doing

Students in the CGO research fellowships participate in a series of training modules during their time at the CGO. The CGO offers both Idea Exploration and Skill Development trainings. Modules run for six weeks, with a new set of modules available at the end of each six-week session.

Students are exposed to a wide range of training topics in a single semester. Content covered in the modules complements the concepts students learn in the classroom and relates directly to their research work at the CGO.

These learning opportunities not only allow for more hours spent on foundational, crucial topics, but build students’ confidence in their own skills, ability to quickly adapt, and innovative thinking.

See below for a sampling of the modules CGO students have participated in.

Idea Exploration

  • Mainline Economics
  • Econometric Intuition
  • Intro to the Regulatory Process
  • Intro to Economic Policy Analysis
  • Critical Thinking & Thoughtful Doing
  • Frontier Topics in Economic Research
  • Governing the Commons: Ostrom Discussion Group

Skill Development

  • Public Speaking
  • Writing for Policy
  • Research 101 Expanded
  • Intersection of Data & Theory
  • Data Collection & Management
  • Intro to Experimental Economics
  • Work Habits & Time Management