Koopman Testifies Before Joint Economic Committee
Regulatory Barriers for the Innovation Economy
Cooperative Conservation Workshop
Experts gather to discuss ways to help conserve endangered species and their habitats.
Overstock's Seth Moore
Senior VP of Analytics at Overstock.com shared his insights on policies that promote innovation in tech with the Center for Growth and Opportunity.
"One of the most rewarding experiences of the year."
Undergraduate research fellows present at the Utah State Capitol.
Nobel Laureate Vernon L. Smith
Speaks at the Center for Growth and Opportunity
We explore the scientific foundations of the interaction between individuals, business, and government to improve well-being for individuals and society.


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Research Pillars

Financial Choice and Security


The efficiency of financial markets and their effect on individuals and society, as well as the role of financial regulation, are topics of central importance to overall economic well-being.

Health, Education, and Environment


The life-long opportunities and growth of an individual over all phases of the life cycle, including opportunities to accumulate quality education and enjoy positive health outcomes, are paramount to a life of meaning and contribution.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship


The economic and legal frameworks of a society affect innovation and entrepreneurship. Likewise, innovation and entrepreneurship drive upward mobility and overall economic growth.

Roles of Business and Government in Society


Understanding the role of voluntary exchange through market transactions, as well as the role of public action, are central to the design of responsible solutions to social and economic issues.

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