Immigration and Spatial Equilibrium
The Role of Expenditures in the Country of Origin
Does Expanding Highway Capacity Solve Urban Congestion Problems?
Mark Houser to Lead Student Programs
Crises in the Housing Market:
Causes, Consequences, and Policy Lessons
Down Payments and the Homeownership Dream:
Not Such a Barrier After All?


We explore the scientific foundations of the interaction between individuals, business, and government to improve well-being for individuals and society.

Research Areas

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Ideas and experimentation are accepted as necessary precursors for invention. Oversight of new technologies is market-driven, adaptive, and flexible. A culture of optimism grounds our shared perspective on innovation and technology. Individuals prefer dynamism to stagnation.

Health, Wealth, and Human Capital

Individuals are empowered to pursue their dreams of economic betterment. Society is open to change, inquiry, commerce, and trade. Public policies support lifelong learning and help to fuel human capital accumulation and economic growth across the income distribution.

Business, Government, and Civil Society

Institutions encourage cooperative solutions over conflict. Policymakers use legislation mindful of freedom of choice, economic efficiency, and fiscal responsibility. Civil society plays a central role as a source of protection and support for the least advantaged.

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Student Programs

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