We explore the SCIENTIFIC FOUNDATIONS of the interaction between INDIVIDUALS, BUSINESS, and GOVERNMENT to improve well-being for individuals and society.

The Center for Growth and Opportunity at Utah State University explores the scientific foundations of the interaction between individuals, business, and government to improve well-being for individuals and society. Our focus is on producing research and impactful learning experiences that allow us to understand and share knowledge on the factors that increase economic growth and individual opportunity.

As a university-based center, we strive to:

enable students to develop lives of meaning and contribution

advance the scientific foundations of academic conversation

develop solutions to real-world problems through applied research

facilitate a national community of scholars and students engaged in a republic of science



We produce and disseminate academic publications and applied research that reflect our commitment to engage and collaborate with academics to advance the scholarly dialogue in areas critical to the Center’s vision.


The Center aims to provide student fellows with an immersive mentorship experience by partnering them with experienced scholars and professors conducting research that is vital to the Center’s mission.


The Center for Growth and Opportunity is located on Utah State University’s Logan campus within the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business.