The Benchmark: Let’s tear down the invisible wall

It’s time to fix our immigration system.

TV: Legal Marijuana and Drunk Driving

Author of CGO working paper, Benjamin Hansen joins the Kennedy show on Fox Business.

Podcast: Brian Isom discusses wildfires on the Upzoned podcast

Brian Isom, CGO research manager, discusses his recent op-ed in the Orange County Register about wildfires, power outages, and market incentives to make even the driest, most overbuilt corners of the US fire-safe.

Op-ed: Healthcare policy and the challenge of inertia

Why are Covered California enrollees willing to pay so much to stick with their plan?

The Benchmark: The future of education may not be what you think

College still matters, but it’s not the only option.

Op-ed: What college football can teach us about innovation

What does football have to do with innovation? In short, everything.

The Benchmark: The Opportunity Cost of Public Transit

Why Shiny New Projects Don’t Produce Results

The Benchmark: With Nuclear Power, the Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself

Misconceptions about nuclear energy have proven to be far more deadly than atomic meltdowns.

Op-ed: Power outages are not the wildfire solution California needs

While this response is a guaranteed way to prevent powerlines from causing fires – a powerline with no electricity is nothing more than a bundle of wires – it comes at an incredibly high cost.

The Benchmark: Would deportations even work?

And what does work mean?

Op-ed: Let’s make Utah the ‘Sandbox State’

Utah is now full of “regulatory sandboxes” where innovators can safely test their ideas and experiment for a limited time with relaxed regulatory requirements.

TV: Christopher Koopman discusses the future of internet regulations on Liquid Lunch with John Tabacco

Senior Director of Research and Strategy, Christopher Koopman, joins Newsmax TV’s Liquid Lunch, hosted by John Tabacco, to discuss the future of social media and internet regulations.

The Benchmark: Finding Meaning in a Future of Less Work

Concerns about automation, in particular, have become deep-rooted and widespread in political debates and popular culture alike.

Radio: Is giving people a voice dividing or bringing us together?

Christopher Koopman discusses free speech and what big tech industries are doing on The Lars Larson Show

Radio: Trump administration moves to change fair-housing rule

Aaron Hedlund discusses the disparate impact rule under the Fair Housing Act on Marketplace.

The Benchmark: “The great moral renovator of society”

Mark Zuckerberg takes on free speech.

Op-ed: Look to history to reform the Antiquities Act

In its 113-year history, the Antiquities Act has gone through several cycles of controversy, reform and relative harmony.

The Benchmark: Want to See Green Tech Thrive?

Rethink how we fund it.

The Benchmark: Immigrants, Robots, and the American Farmer

Farmers are finding new ways to bring in their crops.

Op-ed: A Reset for the Renewable Fuels Standard?

The environmental record for biofuels is bleak , but upcoming regulatory reviews offer a chance to change course.

The Benchmark: “Look at the Camera for Entry”

Balancing the freedom to experiment and fear.